MTG Commander Charity Event!

Can we be maniacal with our deck building skills? YES. Mischievous with our strategies of attack? YES. Can we be a fun loving group with an instant of generosity and an enchantment of compassion? ALSO YES.

Calling all Magic the Gathering enthusiast for a fun night of Commander in the name of Charity this holiday season! For two nights only, your entry fee will be waved with the donation of:

  • 5 Canned Food Items
  • 1 Small Toy
  • $5 Cash

All items received will be donated to a local charity to help those in need!

First place will score the retailer exclusive 2020 Happy Holidays Promo, TopDeck the Hallsa $75 value!

FTW Claremore's event is on Monday, December, 13th at 6pm. Sign up starts at 5pm.

FTW Pryor's event is on Thursday, December, 16th at 6pm. Sign up starts at 5pm.

Come out for a fun night of Magic and help us support our local charities!