What Do You Guys Sell?

We carry a large selection of new, used, and retro video games as well as the following items: 

  • Video Games
    • Nintendo Entertainment System
    • Super Nintendo Entertainment System 
    • Nintendo 64 
    • Nintendo Wii 
    • Nintendo WiiU 
    • Nintendo Switch 
    • Gameboy 
    • All Nintendo DS Consoles 
    • XboX 
    • Xbox 360 
    • Xbox One 
    • Playstation 
    • Playstation 2 
    • Playstation 3 
    • Playstation 4 
    • Playstation Portable PSP 
    • Playstation Vita 
    • Playstation VR 
  • Trading Card Games
    • Magic The Gathering 
    • Pokemon 
    • Yu-Gi-Oh 
    • Dragon Ball Z 
    • Card Sleeves 
    • Binders 
    • Play Mats 
  • RPG & Table Top Games 
    • Dungeons & Dragons Manuals 
    • RPG Dice (Sets and Loose Die) 
    • Reaper Miniatures 
    • Paint Sets & Brushes 
  • Comic Books
    • Vintage 
    • New Releases 
    • Subscription Services 
  • Vinyl Records
    • Vintage 
    • New Releases 
    • Special Orders 
  • Novelty Drinks and Candies
    • Ramune 
    • Licensed Energy Drinks 
    • Craft Soda 
    • Pocky 
    • Hi-Chew 
    • Panda 
    • Poppin' Cookin 
  • Posters 
  • Licensed Apparel 
  • Body Jewelry 
    • Gauges / Plugs / Tapers 
    • Nose Rings 
    • Belly Rings 
    • Labrets 
    • Septum Rings
What Do You Buy?

We offer cash or store credit for the following items: 

  • New, Used, Retro Video Games 
  • Vinyl Records 
  • Blu-Rays 
  • Comic Books 
How Do I Sell To you?

Because all cash and store credit offers are based on item condition we don't typically make offers on the phone. You must bring your items to the store for an official quote. 

What Do You Look For When Buying Merchandise from Customers?

We require all items brought in for trade must fall under the following guidelines: 

  • Clean 
  • Good Working Order / Fully Functional 
  • All Disc Games / Movies Must Have A Case with Original Cover Art 
  • All Consoles Must Have All Required Cables and At Least One Controller 
  • Vinyl Records Must Have Their Respective Sleeve with NO Scratches
Do You Host In Store Events?

Yes! We regularly host video game tournaments and Magic the Gathering / Trading Card Tournaments! We also have periodic family nights, such as Mini-figure Painting, Craft Night, and Board Game Night. Check our Event Calendar for upcoming events! 

Do You Take Pre-Orders?

Yes! We take Pre-Orders for new release comics, video games, board games, and all trading card games!