Introducing: Commander Sealed League!

Sealed League, Commander Style!

We're taking Commander to the next level with a Season-Long Magic the Gathering League! Do you have what it takes to battle for a Revised Edition Dual Land over the course of 20 weeks?! 

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What is Commander Sealed League?

Commander Sealed League is an 11-session MTG Tournament. Players will start with 5 sealed packs and will add 2 additional packs each session.

Players will go from a 60 card minimum to a 100 card deck over the course of 20 weeks!

How It Works

Each session players will draft from one Commander Legends booster pack and also add one sealed booster pack (players choice of draft or set) to their kit.

For 10 sessions, players will accumulate points for wins. The Top 8 players will face off in the 11th Session Finals.

Each League Kit Includes:

  • 3 Commander Legends Draft Boosters
  • 2 Modern Horizons II Draft Boosters
  • 1 Dragon Shield Matte 100ct Card Sleeves
  • 1 D20 Countdown Die
  • 1 Pack 100ct Penny Sleeves
Commander Sealed League Kit

Prize Support

First Place: 
Revised Edition Dual Land 

Places 2- 4: 
Choose from, in order of ranking: 

  • 6 ft Play Mat 
  • Secret Lair 
  • 2 Collector Boosters 

Top 8: 
Custom Playmat & Gift Bag  

Participation tickets awarded each session - drawing held at the finals!***

*Prices before all applicable sales tax, prices subject to change based on market demands
**Subject to change; contingent on product availability and release dates by Wizards of the Coast
*** Must be present to win at time of drawing; participants may not win multiple prizes.

Dual Land Mystery

Session Schedule

Commander Sealed League Session Schedule

Program Itinerary

Commander Sealed League Itinerary

Points Structure

Points awarded each session depends on session attendance.

Commander Sealed League Point System

All players are welcome at the Finals!
Food will be served, Commander will be played, and prizes will be awarded!


Yes, you may join at any time, as long as there are still spots available. Commander Sealed League is limited to 24 players. Sign-ups are available on a "first come, first served" basis.

Commander Sealed League is the brainchild of FTW's very own Lesley Thomas and Barrett Rotramel!

Meet Lesley


I have worked in the equally rewarding and frustrating area of education for the past twenty-three years and have earned a BS in Education and a MA in English Literature. My husband and I still like each other after twenty-four years together, and we have spawned two fantastic humans. I am easily bewitched by books, film, cats, and nerd culture.

Meet Barrett


"I've been playing Magic for about 20 years. Married to my wife, Katilyn, for 5 years and we have a 4 year old daughter named Avacyn (Yes, that Avacyn). Random facts about me:

  • I have had my Ball Python Komodo for 25 years.
  • My favorited Magic shard is Esper (Blue/Black/White).
  • I love the Miami Dolphins even though they stink.
  • OIF/OEF Vet.
  • My favorite magic card is Jace, The Mind Sculptor.
  • My Current Commanders are Chatterfang (B/G), Jhoira of the Ghitu (U/R) and Aminatou (Esper)."

Are you ready?!

Commander Sealed League begins the first week of May, 2022! Limited Seats are available so make sure you sign up as early as possible!