ITS BACK: Commander Sealed League 2023!

Sealed League, Commander Style!

We're taking Commander to the next level with a Season-Long Magic the Gathering League! 

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What is Commander Sealed League?

Commander Sealed League is a 9-session MTG Tournament. Players will start with 10 sealed packs and will add 2 additional packs each bi-weekly session.

How It Works

At the first session players will construct a deck from 6 Set Boosters and 4 Draft Boosters of their choice*, and then add 2 Set or draft Boosters over the course of 8 sessions. Players accumulate points to earn prizes and promos at the final session!

Points Structure

+1 Point for Participation
+1 Point Per Win
+1 Point First Blood (Combat Damage)
+1 Save Another Player (Limit 1 per player)
+1 Killing with General Damage
+1 Per Player Eliminated

Program Cost

The entry fee is $40, which includes 10 packs and a deck box. Each session after is only $15 (upgrades available).

*Player's choice of any in-stock, Set or Draft Booster with a retail value of $5.99 or less. Excludes Jumpstart, Unfinity, Collector Boosters and/or limited sets.

Start Dates

FTW Game Co Pryor—Saturday, June 17th @ 2PM

FTW Game Co Claremore—Sunday, July 9th @ 12PM


Yes, you may join at any time, as long as there are still spots available. Commander Sealed League is limited to 24 players. Sign-ups are available on a "first come, first served" basis.

Commander Sealed League is the brainchild of FTW's very own Lesley Thomas and Barrett Rotramel!

Meet Lesley


I have worked in the equally rewarding and frustrating area of education for the past twenty-three years and have earned a BS in Education and a MA in English Literature. My husband and I still like each other after twenty-four years together, and we have spawned two fantastic humans. I am easily bewitched by books, film, cats, and nerd culture.

Meet Barrett


"I've been playing Magic for about 20 years. Married to my wife, Katilyn, for 5 years and we have a 4 year old daughter named Avacyn (Yes, that Avacyn). Random facts about me:

  • I have had my Ball Python Komodo for 25 years.
  • My favorited Magic shard is Esper (Blue/Black/White).
  • I love the Miami Dolphins even though they stink.
  • OIF/OEF Vet.
  • My favorite magic card is Jace, The Mind Sculptor.
  • My Current Commanders are Chatterfang (B/G), Jhoira of the Ghitu (U/R) and Aminatou (Esper)."

Are you ready?!

Commander Sealed League begins the Summer 2023! Limited Seats are available so make sure you sign up as early as possible!