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Latest News

October 29th Spooky Deck Night – Friday Night Magic!

Werewolves and Zombies, and Vampires! Oh my! We are rolling into Halloween weekend with a haunting Friday Night Magic event – SPOOKY DECK TOURNAMENT! Put your deck building skills to the test with this eerie challenge! Will you erect a mono-black undead army? Haunt your opponent with a stack of blue ghosts? Or storm the…

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Introducing: MTG Sealed League at FTW Pryor!

As we’ve kicked off spooky season with the werewolves of Innistrad Midnight Hunt and anticipate the release of Crimson Vow on November 19th, we’re announcing a new season-long MTG program at FTW! Introducing-Sealed League! Sealed League is a bi-weekly tournament that will run from 10/8/2021 – 2/26/2022 at our Pryor location! Each player will start…

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MTG: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms

The Magic and Dungeons & Dragons crossover we’ve all been waiting for will finally arrive on July 16 as our season-long set of legendary experiences continues with Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Prerelease! This set brings the storytelling and roleplaying elements of D&D to Magic through fan-favorite D&D spells and monsters and incredible booster fun treatments highlighting classic D&D flavor, including the rulebook treatment reminiscent of early Monster Manuals. And,…

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